• Cody Fergusson

2018 Is Going To Be HHUUUUGGEEEE

Wow, it sure has been a long time since I last posted. There has been a lot going on over these past few months and I am excited to get back to it. What has been going on you may ask? Well I am getting my Master of Business Administration at the University of San Francisco, volunteered at Centro Community Partners to help underprivileged entrepreneurs and also have a full-time job to help pay for Caffea. This was definitely one of the most crazy periods of my life where I learned a lot about time management and how to operate on a few hours of sleep a night.

While it was tough, a lot of good came out of this period. I was able to help an entrepreneur, Tina Stevens, out of Oakland, CA open up her own pop-up shop that has been doing really well. She went from a baker, who would deliver beautiful cakes to people’s houses, to having her own shop and is now looking to get her own location in late 2018. It is really exciting to watch someone do what she loves everyday and I wish her business called A Girl Named Pinky the best of luck moving forward!

This semester was really challenging as well. I took some great classes with some amazing teachers. Whether it is with the website, the coffee trailer or our go-to-market strategy, there were a lot of great lessons learned that will directly affect the business moving forward.

2018 Is Going To Be HHUUUUGGEEEE

2018 is going to be a big year and I am very excited about everything coming down the pipeline.

We have been working hard to rebrand the coffee bags, delivery boxes, coffee cups and business cards so all customer-facing items are uniform and beautiful. I am also going to be completely retooling the menu to bring even healthier options to our customers that taste great. While my nut milk is good, I still feel like there is room for improvement. Every morning I’ll be waking up at 5:00 AM to develop even better products using natural sweeteners so that our customers are getting the best cup of coffee imaginable.

On the coffee-roasting piece I feel that I am making some big strides and am progressing nicely. Over the past few months, I have felt I wasn’t developing my knowledge as quickly as I would have liked and have started to get really creative with airflow. While going through Tracy Allen’s, Brewed Behavior course, I feel like I learned a lot of the foundational knowledge that would give me a baseline understanding of roasting. However, I still didn’t have a good understanding of my roaster and were applying a lot of the larger roaster principles that I was learning to my smaller roaster. After reading a lot of blogs, watching YouTube video’s and speaking with the manufacturer, I learned that I need to develop my knowledge for this roaster. I have been experimenting a lot and it feels great to be making good progress. The key test will be sending samples to have Tracy cup them.

One thing I would love to do is get the coffee trailer up and running full-time. While that is much easier said than done, I’d have to get the necessary license for whatever city I’ll be operating in and hire a couple folks as well. More to come on this front but this will definitely be the biggest hurdle to overcome in the near future.

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