As an organization, we believe that we should put sustainability at the forefront of everything we do. This is why we require that all of our coffee beans are organic and come from fair trade farms.


However, with every rule, there is an exception and in this case, the exception comes from the rainforests of Papua New Guinea. We believe that with these beans, we have found the holy grail of what we are trying to accomplish here at Caffea and are proud to offer this coffee to our customers.


The Story Behind This Coffee


Exported by Highland Summit Coffee Company on a single engine Cessna, these beans were grown in the remote villages of Asama, Aseki, Garana, Lengbati, Omora, Umba and Wasu in the Papua New Guinea forests. The story is really crazy and one worth telling…


Ten years ago, an American pilot was working in Papua New Guinea for a gold investment firm, acquiring the precious metal in remote villages and transporting it to the cities where it could eventually be exported. After flying around the country for a few months, he started to get requests from the village chiefs asking him to fly out the coffee that they had picked in the forests.


Since there was little or no access to roads in these parts of the country, the villagers had no way of selling their coffee. Using his Cessna, he established his own exporting company, ferrying the coffee from the small villages in Papua New Guinea to the city and eventually to his warehouse in Arizona. His work as a pilot has directly helped improve the lives of hundreds of villagers in Papua New Guinea and we are proud to showcase this roast as one of our favorites.


Our Roast


We chose a light roaster for this Arabica coffee to bring out its natural sweetness and fruity aroma. It has a clean, bright flavor with hints of berry and orange zest. You will immediately notice that these beans are unusually large in size, and that is because they are naturally grown in the dense, wild forests of New Guinea.


We encourage you to try this rare, exciting coffee. Our supply is limited, so please order today!

Papua (Wild Grown in the Forests of Papua New Guinea)