We think you’ll appreciate the sweet apple and apricot notes of this coffee variety grown in the Southern Mexico highlands.


Originating in the hills of Chiapas, Mexico, this roast was sourced from the cooperative Indigenous Communities of the Simojovel de Allende Region (CIRSA).  This tropical jungle region borders Guatemala and was once part of the Mayan civilization.


CIRSA’s small coffee farms are located at an altitude of approximately 4,500 feet above sea level, which allows the bean to develop a sweet, apple and apricot flavor. We slow roasted these beans to highlight the more intricate flavors and mild body that Mexican coffee is so famous for. When used for espresso, this roasts develops a thick crema that is to die for!


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Organic Coffee Production in Mexico


A lot of Americans may not know this, but coffee from Mexico has long been the main source of imported coffee to the US.


Mexico is actually one of the top 10 coffee producers worldwide and Mexicans take great pride in producing a quality coffee bean. The southern tip of the country is well suited for coffee production due to its climate and altitude.


So perhaps it is no surprise that, for many years, Mexico has been the largest producer of organic coffee in the world. And Chiapas, the region supplying our Mexican beans, is the largest organic coffee producer in the country, accounting for 24 percent of organic production.


Why We Selected This Producer and Opted for a Light Roast


We tested seven different 2017 shipments from organic Mexican coffee producers but the one that really stood out to us was from the Indigenous Communities of the Simojovel de Allende Region (CIRSA) cooperative.


When used for espresso, this light roast develops a frothy crema that is unlike any we have seen before. The crema has a thick consistency to it, bringing a real richness to the flavor.  This richness was the key differentiator amongst all the other Mexican organic shipments we tried and the reason why we decided to go with this producer alone.


We urge you to order this rich, flavorful organic coffee today!

Maya (Chiapas, Mexico)