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Caffea's Mission

Our mission is simple; to serve you the healthiest coffee you have ever had.  We believe people are becoming increasingly conscious about the products they are putting in their body and we focus all our energy on creating coffee drinks that are great tasting and good for you. How do we do that?


There are really two parts to our business, we roast our coffee beans and sell them in select retail locations around San Francisco. Our differentiator is that we only roast fair trade, organic coffee beans. This is important to us because we want to focus on a sustainable supply chain that takes care of the people who cultivate our coffee beans. 


The second half of our business is that we have a coffee truck we take to certain locations in the Bay Area. What makes us different is that all of the milk we use for our drinks is organic and made by hand. No, that does not mean we milk the cows or animals that we use for our latte's or cappuccino's. Every day we make organic almond milk, organic hazelnut milk and organic peanut milk from scratch so we can control the ingredients that are going into our customer's drinks. 


It is important for us to purchase and roast only beans that are certified fair trade because we want to make sure the farmers who are planting, harvesting, processing, drying and milling the beans are getting paid a fair wage. Without their hard work, we wouldn't have this great coffee and it is a small portion of our appreciation. We are currently certified by Fair Trade USA. 

There are over a dozen reasons why roasting only organic coffee beans is important to us, however the underlying theme is that it is the right thing to do. Creating a demand for organic coffee helps repair a broken food system and it is our job to bring out the beauty out in the beans we roast.  We are currently certified organic by the California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF).

Why Fair Trade, Organic Coffee Matters 


Founder's Story​


While the founder, Cody Fergusson, was born and raised here in the Bay Area, he did his undergraduate education in Rome, Italy. One of the jobs he worked while in Italy was a coffee barista at a local coffee shop close to his school.  This is where he fell in love with coffee but there was a major problem. Every time he would consume an espresso or cappuccino, his stomach would be irritated throughout the day. After graduation, he moved back the Bay Area, he came to find out that he suffered from what is commonly referred to as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), which means that he couldn’t consume things like dairy, gluten, caffeine, and alcohol. It was hard for him to stay away from coffee so he started mixing espresso with certain all natural fats like coconut butter, ghee, coconut oil and grass-fed butter which helped to absorb the caffeine and give him a more consistent caffeine fix throughout the day. While continuing to experiment with other all natural products like homemade nut milk's, he found it increasingly easy on his stomach to consume coffee and was able to produce drinks that people loved without any of the additives that make coffee drinks unhealthy.